Lemoncello, Cliff Jumping, Cave Swimming and Ruins!

Its official! The Amalfi Coast was incredible! Me, Giana, Mason and Jess all headed out with Bus2Alps on Thursday night to begin our adventure to the Amalfi Coast. After a very long 7 hour bus ride landing us in Sorrento at 2am, we walk into our “hotel” to find us shoved in what was probably the tiniest room with 6 beds in there! Me, Giana and Mason were paired to room with 3 girls from New Jersey from a different program and wasn’t that an adventure! Lets just say that the room was so small that all 6 of us couldn’t be standing at the same time! Yeah, sooo… 2 of the Jersey girls ended up moving out of the room due to lack of adjustment and then we were left with sweet Michelle!

After getting 3 hours of sleep we woke up bright and early on Friday to have a day in Capri! It was absolutely gorgeous! We began the day with a ferry over to the island and immediately got onto a smaller boat to head to the famous Blue Grotto! Basically to get into the grotto you get into a tiny boat and the opening of the grotto is about 3 ft by 3 feet. So Giana, Mason and I got into the boat in the back and Kate was in the front. Me and Mason had to lay on top of Giana to get into the grotto as the water is pushing us up towards the top of the opening. As Giana’s claustrophobia is setting in we quickly get into the grotto and see the beauty of the fluorescent water glow! We jumped in the glowing water and swam around! It was amazing!! After a quick swim we all awkwardly climbed back into the boat and went through the small opening once again!

After the grotto we took a boat tour around the entire Island, which was an incredible site to see. It all looked very much like Jurassic Park, very green and mountainy! After the boat tour we docked in Capri, where we took a tram up the mountain to Anacapri, which is home to worlds most incredible Granita! Basically in this tiny shack filled with lemons and oranges the size of a face, this tiny italian man fresh squeezed a blood orange and a lemon into my cup that was the consistency of a slushy! It. Was. Heaven! I now understand perfectly why the Amalfi Coast is known for their lemoncello and citrus fruits! Then we took a bus up the mountain some more to go lemoncello and chocolate tasting. It was amazing! The lemoncello was so refreshing! We tasted an original, orange, and lemon cream lemoncello and they were all incredible! Now lets talk chocolate! Ummm hello it was amazing! These little chocolate pieces of heaven were just what I needed after the lemoncello! 

After the tasting we grabbed some lunch. I ordered the fish and french fries and it was really fresh and had such a great seasoning that no sauces were needed! After lunch we were off to the chairlift to go to the very top of the mountain! After getting on the extremely sketchy looking one person chairlift it was about a 10 minute ride to the top, which was all fine and dandy until we hit the vertical part. I have never been afraid of heights but that was freaking scary! After making it safely to the top we walked around literally in a cloud and looked at the amazing 360 degree gorgeous views! 

After our photo shoot at the top of the island, we headed back down to catch the ferry back to Sorrento. We had about an hour to get ready, which was quite comical before we headed to dinner at this place called the Red Lion. I ordered the veal in this gravy type sauce which was really good but I will say it just doesn’t beat Benji’s in Bakersfield. Im sure I will eventually find one that is better, but for now this will do. After dinner we headed out to this outdoor club called the English Inn in Sorrento before the long walk back to our oh so comfortable hostel room. 

On Saturday, we woke up early for a bus ride to Positano! We climbed down a mountain of stairs (I have learned these italians love their cobblestone stairs!) to get to the picturesque famous, black sand beach of Positano! We rented the orange beach chairs, which was the best 12 euros I have ever spent! We spent the day relaxing on the beach, swimming in the water, and napping! In the after noon we decided to go cliff jumping (sorry mema!) which was a blast! We took a boat over to a small alcove near the beach where we swam over to the rock covered beach! Giana didn’t make it up to the top jump, but of course being the idiot that I am, I made it up just fine. The two guys in front of me decided to be idiots and do a flip into the water from the 50 ft height. Idiots! Both of them ended up slapping the water and falling straight on their faces. Not a pretty sight! I went for the elegant, lifeguard trained, pencil jump which happened flawlessly, only after almost chickening out and realizing there was no other way to get down. After that we got back on the boat which took us to this beautiful cave that we got to swim through. 

After an extremely long day in the sun we were exhausted! As soon as we got back to the hostel we all took a long nap! It was much needed and great! Plus we all got sun burned 😦

Sunday was filled with seeing the ancient city of Pompei. I was really neat to get to walk around the city and see all of the history that was just frozen in time. There were some heartbreaking moments when looking at the people that were covered in the ash and frozen that way. In one of the pictures you can see a man sitting with his hands to his face and he is praying. After getting some Pompei Pizza it was back on the bus for the 6 hour trip back to Florence. 

The Amalfi Coast was amazing. It will definitely be a hard trip to beat. 

We had finals this week, which went really well. I am officially in Level 2 italian. Me and Giana are headed to Paris to visit her cousin with Jana and Anthony this weekend! My love lock is already purchased and now just in need of some decorating before I lock me and Stephens eternal love onto the bridge in Paris! Can’t wait!!

Now for the packing …joy!

Ti Amo! 



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